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This course is your ‘local author’ for Deep Learning. The course is designed in a way for students to have a perfect kick-off towards building a career in Data Science. There are practical examples of applications using Deep Learning meeting industry standards. Having experience as a Data…

It is important to calculate the over all time taken for the system to run a DL pipeline.

Objective : To add start and end time to a Deep Learning code.

# start time - to be added at the beginning of code
print ("[STATUS] start time - {}".format("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M")))
start = time.time()
# end time - to be added at the end of code
end = time.time()
print ("[STATUS] end time - {}".format("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M")))

Decision Tree is a tree shaped algorithm used to determine a course of action. Each branch of the tree represents a possible decision, occurrence or reaction.

Information Theory:

Information Theory is the fundamentals of decision trees. In order for us to understand Decision Tree algorithm, we need to understand Information Theory.


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